Twintips Buster Brunotti

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Twintips Buster Brunottii 139cm y 142cm.
Medidas Kite
 Atzera: Kitesurf

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Kiteboard Twintips Buster Brunottii

We like sliders and kickers, behind the boat, at the cablepark, and behind a jetski.. but also hanging on our kites! That's why we developed this true wakestyle dedicated board. True wakestyling takes a special kind of board. The impact of sliders, roundbars, kickers, etc.. is huge. That is why we fitted the our board with a super durable slider base. Capable of keeping your board in one piece for a while.

Apart from that we gave the board some extra sliding surface on the tips. We also reinforced the center of the board and gave the tips some extra flex for those nicely styled presses. Apart from that we fitted our ADR-tech sidewall system to make sure it can handle all your wakestyle moves.

  • Diamond Shaped Rail. 3D Shape Tech.
  • Tech Full Boot Proof Insert Tech.
  • Power rocker. Triple cóncavo.
  • Pop Tips. Solid Chassis Tech.
  • Doble Channel: The combination of a stiff center tip, and forgiving edge tips offers great comfort while still having enough performance to create a solid pop.
  • Full Wood Core. Our specifically engineered wood cores provide a perfect balance between stiffness for solid pop, and flex for a comfortable ride.
  • Active Diamond Rail: our ADR-tech is our no-compromise solution when it comes to freeride/freestyle. It provides a superlative grip due to the sharp rail, which also results in exceptional upwind performance.
  • Recomendada para Wakestyle.

Disponible en medidas:

  • 139 x 42cm
  • 142 x 42.5cm

Brunotti Kitesurf

Rider Developed Product

En 1979 con 23 años de edad el italiano Claudio Brunotti viajó a Holanda para vivir en la costa y comenzó a practicar windsurf en la costa de Scheveningen. En 1983 empezó a ganar fama como shaper de tablas hechas a mano y poco a poco se convirtió en una referencia a nivel mundial gracias a la perfección de sus tablas y gran calidad de sus accesorios.


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