Cometa Slingshot 2017 RPM

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Cometa Kite Slingshot RPM 2017
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Kite RPM Slingshot 2017

La Slingshot RPM 2017 regresa con la reputación de ser una de las mejores cometas jamás producidas. Abarcando un amplio espectro de usuarios, la RPM es capaz de ganar múltiples títulos mundiales, así como de atraer a riders de todos los estilos y habilidades. De los principiantes que quieren un cometa con buena respuesta, fácil relanzamiento y gran depower, pasando por los guerreros de fin de semana que quieren saltar más alto, hasta los competidores de clase mundial como Youri Zoon y Carlos Mario.
El shape Open-C ha generado una categoría entera de cometas. Para el freeride general, proporciona un manejo responsivo, una entrega progresiva de energía a través de la ventana, y una gran capacidad de realizar giros potentes pero predecibles. Para el estilo freestyle y wakestyle, la forma del RPM ofrece una carga y un pop sorprendentes y a la vez un tirón suave. No importa en qué categoría esté, la RPM mejorará su experiencia en kiteboarding.

  • Customize Your Ride: The RPM features multiple attachment points at the kite- both on the leading and trailing edge- that allow riders to fine-tune the kite’s handling and performances based on their riding style and the conditions of a particular session. This tuning is done quickly and easily and makes a big impact on the kite’s overall performance; you can choose different settings for boosting big, for unhooked freestyle, for user-friendly freeride or for riding waves, to name a few.
  • One-Pump: Slingshot patented the One-Pump system years ago, and today the innovation can be found on almost every kite on the market. The One Pump Speed System makes inflating your kite quick and easy; simply attach your hose and pump your entire kite from one convenient valve. Deflating is just as easy. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve ever had to inflate and deflate your leading edge and all your struts individually, you know how nice it really is.
  • RPM bridle setup: The RPM features Slingshot’s unique shock absorbing IRS bridle system. This pulleyless, direct-connect bridle incorporates bungee lines that flex and retract to keep proper tension in the lines as you steer the kite. Slingshot introduced this bridle concept in 2015 and have had overwhelmingly positive feedback about the responsive steering and direct feel it creates. For customized performance, the RPM’s wingtip bridle can be connected at three different points, which allows for tuning of bar pressure, kite feedback and steering speed.

  • Tri-Tech protection: Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth and Neoprene scuff guards are strategically placed to protect vulnerable areas of the kite from scratches, punctures wear and tear.
  • Surf Tough tech: Strategic panel layout, superior canopy materials and precision engineered seams and stitching result in kites that can take proper beatings without issue. Slingshot’s unique panel layout not only adds strength and canopy structure, it also helps contain the damage to your kite in the event that it does tear or get punctured.
  • Dimension Polyant 175 Dacron: DP175 is a premium canopy material used solely by Slingshot in the kiteboarding industry. This high-strength, high tenacity material is resistant to bias stretch and retains its structure exceptionally well, which is why we utilize it for every high performance kite we build. Where other brands have cut corners and selected lesser materials to reduce costs, Slingshot has remained committed to quality.
  • Bayer Material Science Polyurethane Bladders: Slingshot bladders are made in the USA to precision specs using high-quality polyurethane.


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