Slingshot 2019 Foil Board Hypermiler

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Slingshot 2019 Foil Board Hypermiler 4'8''
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Hypermiler 4'8''

If you don’t jump with your foil, the Hypermiler will make you try. If you stay close to home, the Hypermiler will push you farther than you’ve ever been before. And if you already do all of these things, the Hypermiler will inspire you to do them better.

  • A serious board for serious foilers
  • High-end all carbon construction
  • Strong, fast and super lightweight
  • Textured deck provides grip while reducing weight
  • Race-caliber design great for distance and advanced freeriding
  • Sliding mount track lets you set your mast where you want it
  • Ride it strapless, with two or three straps or with foot hooks


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