Cargador Ribbon TYLT Micro USB

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Cargador USB micro para smartphones y tablets
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Cargador Micro USB

  • TYLT continues to innovate with the all-new RIBBN Car Charger.
  • The revamped car charger features an improved tangle-free, flat ribbon cable that is easy to manage and soft to the touch.
  • Measuring at 3 feet (1 meter), the RIBBN ensures your phone can easily rest in your cup holder or other convenient location while charging.
  • The RIBBN also features an additional universal USB port for charging a second device.
  • Its enhanced 4.8 Amp circuit allows for rapid charging of two smartphones or even two tablets simultaneously.
  • Choose your color and begin your hassle-free charging today.

Inclined to innovate

Accesorios innovadores para hacer tu vida más fácil y conectarte a todos tus dispositivos electrónicos móviles. TYLT fue fundada en 2011 en California y diseña accesorios de de gran calidad para sus clientes.



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