Quillas Futures Thermotech Quad Controller

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Futures Thermotech Controller Quad

  • The Futures Fins Controller Quad is a large size quad set with a ride number of 2.9 and ideal for performance retro quads, or any wide tail fish quads. The Vector 2 low aspect front fins and high aspect Futures tow foil rear fins allow the Controller Quad to deliver the perfect balance.
  • The Controller Quad’s fiberglass material, V2 foil and large surface area create both maximum drive and control while the fin will have a skatey feel in smaller conditions. Whether you're fishing at your local break or surfing that high performance line at J-Bay, the name says it all. With the Futures Fins Controller Quad you're in Control!
  • Thermotech fins have a consistent flex that holds great on the bottom and then release through turns. If you’re looking for that glass on look, at a lower price point Thermotech is for you.
  • Futures Fins Controller Quad Front Fin Size: Height: 4.50 in. 11.40 cm x Base: 5.05 in. 12.80 cm x Area: 18.24 in.² 117.65 cm.² x Foil: V2
  • Futures Fins Controller Quad Rear Fin Size: Height: 4.53 in. 11.50 cm. x Base: 3.89 in. 9.88 cm. x Area: 12.06 in.² 77.79 cm.² x Foil: 80/20
  • Incluye funda de viaje y llave Futures original.
  • Fabricadas en USA.

Futures Fins es una de las grandes marcas de quillas a nivel mundial gracias a su sistema innovador y uno de los mejores equipos de surf Jordy Smith, Rob Machado, John Florence, Clay Marzo y Dave Rastovich entre otros. Futures te ofrece una gran variedad de quillas y plantillas para todo tipo de tablas y condiciones.


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