Quillas Futures Thermotech Quad

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Futures Termotech Quad Tallas S, M y L
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Quillas Futures Thermotech Quad

  • At Futures we are excited to introduce the new ThermoTech line. We also increased the resiliency by adjusting the flex of the thermoplastic to closely mimic the feel of glass-ons. This allows a surfer to actually load up in turns by bending the fin, and then get whip out of their turns when it springs back rapidly. The new ThermoFlex fins are designed to break under impact to reduce the risk of injury. Each production fin's flex property is quantified on our flex fixture, and then we match the resin composite, glass fiber content, and the geometry of the fin to control the flex more precisely than ever.
  • It's always exciting to release new technology to the market, and the new ThermoTech composites have been over a year in the making. Not only do these fins have a look of greater perceived value, but they feel unbelievably good in the water. Engineering has built new molds to completely redesign the flex pattern of the ThermoTech. One of the biggest benefits of manufacturing our boxes and composite fins right here in Huntington Beach is the ability to make changes, ride the fins, and make more changes. Every shaper that has seen the ThermoTech fins have been really stoked about the changes and the ability to provide economical fins with their boards that have a high performance look and feel.
  • Talla L compuesto por 2 quillas F8 + 2 quillas Rear QD2 4.00. Side fins F8: Area 15.98, Height 4.64, Base 4.55 and Foil FLAT - Rear fins: Area 11.67, Height 4.05, Base 3.87 and Foil SYMM. Talla L recomendada para surfistas de peso superior a 80Kg.
  • Talla M compuesto por 2 quillas F6 + 2 quillas Rear QD2 3.75. Side fins F6: Area 15.12, Height 4.56, Base 4.35 and Foil FLAT - Rear fins: Area 10.91, Height 3.75, Base 3.64 and Foil SYMM. Recomendada para surfistas de para peso entre 65Kg hasta 88Kg.
  • Talla S compuesto por 2 quillas F4 + 2 quillas Rear QD2 3.75. Side fins F4:Area 14.22, Height 4.37, Base 4.22 and Foil FLAT - Rear fins: Area 10.91, Height 3.75, Base 3.64 and Foil SYMM. Talla S recomendada para surfistas de peso superior a 47Kg hasta 70Kg.
  • Las quillas Thermotech no tienen la sensación plástica tradicional de una quilla de composite. En lugar de ello, tienen una flexión consistente que crea un buen drive y release durante los giros.
  • La serie de quillas Thermotech vienen con la Base Futures Truss, lo que las hace más ligeras y resistentes.
  • Incluye funda de viaje y llave Futures original.
  • Fabricadas en USA.

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Futures Fins es una de las grandes marcas de quillas a nivel mundial gracias a su sistema innovador y uno de los mejores equipos de surf Jordy Smith, Rob Machado, John Florence, Clay Marzo y Dave Rastovich entre otros. Futures te ofrece una gran variedad de quillas y plantillas para todo tipo de tablas y condiciones.

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Futures Fins Thermotech


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