Lost Surfboards The Lazy Toy

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Lost The Lazy Toy de 5'2'' hasta 7'0''
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Lost Surfboards The Lazy Toy

The Lazy Toy takes high volume/low rocker, neutral bottom curves, small wave surfboard designs to a wider range of waves and a more versatile and diverse playing field. Using an elliptical , “Double ender” outline, the Lazy Toy is inspired by the boards ridden by guys like Wayne Lynch and Michael Peterson in the 1970’s.

These elliptical, continuous curves and outlines, combined with our proven “Domesticated” rockers, create a board that has a very open and forgiving sweet spot (as far as foot placement goes) and can be ridden in waves from knee high to over head with ease. Because of the narrow hipped, continuous curve, outline, you can surf this with a centered stance for down the line 70’s inspired speed runs, down carves and cutbacks… or step back on the tail and go vertical off the bottom and in the pocket.

The bottom contours (mostly flat rail to rail, with rolled, soft edges and a spiral vee under the rear foot) neutralize the high volume and free the board up, making it easy to push and permeate the rail deep and perpendicular into the face of the wave…..rather than skate flat on top of the water. Paddling? What do you expect… like a Cadillac… for Domestic Domination.

Medidas disponibles para la fabricación:

  • 5’2″     19.50″     2.25″     24.45 litros.
  • 5’4″     20.00″     2.32″     27.80 litros.
  • 5’6″     20.50″     2.38″     30.20 litros.
  • 5’8″     21.00″     2.50″     33.50 litros.
  • 5’9″     21.25″     2.56″     35.30 litros.
  • 5’10″     21.50″     2.63″     37.30 litros.
  • 6’0″     22.00″     2.75″     41.00 litros.
  • 6’2″     22.50″     2.75″     43.10 litros.
  • 6’4″     22.50″     2.75″     44.50 litros.
  • 6’6″     22.50″     2.75″     45.75 litros.
  • 6’8″     22.75″     2.88″     48.50 litros.
  • 6’10″     22.75″     2.88″     49.80 litros.
  • 7’0″     23.00″     2.88″     52.00 litros.

En caso de no tener stock disponible en tu medida y configuración de quillas seleccionadas pasaremos orden de fabricación al taller oficial Lost en Europa y te entregaremos tu tabla en un plazo de 4-6 semanas.

Lost Surfboards

Lost Enterprises: Keeping it unreal

Lost Surfboards, fundada por Mat Biolos en 1993, es una de las grandes marcas del mundo del surf y cuenta con tablas mágicas, accesorios y surf skate old school para esos días que no hay olas poder disfrutar deslizándonos sobre el cemento.

Tablas de surf Lost

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